Baidu Conferencing is recognized for its reliability with a platform that is 100% redundant across two automatically failed-over and geographically dispersed locations. You can rely on us to deliver without a hitch with an excess of 99.95% uptime.


You have immediate access to your audio recordings through your online account, providing you as well with free audio recording storage and archiving at no cost to you.


When you want to make a conference call, give your (permanent) toll-free number and passcode to participants and tell them when to dial. Use the same ID again and again. Your account may have as many conferencing IDs as you need.


Baidu Conferencing offers easy to use conferencing service with more options than other providers.


Speak with a professional customer care associate when you call us instead of going through a voice tree. We assure each customer personal attention and a consultative approach to creating solutions based on your specific needs.


Sensitive or proprietary content discussed during conference calls require the protection of a secure conference call platform. With Baidu Conferencing, we provide you with security features that restrict access to a call to only authorized attendees.